Retrograde venous bullet embolism into renal vein

Keywords: bullet embolism, renal vein, venous


The unpredictable nature and behaviour of bullet emboli can pose unique diagnostic and management challenges, related to the absence of exit wounds or variable trajectories. However, embolisation into the vascular system is an extremely unusual occurrence, with fewer than 200 such cases described since 1900. Given the relative paucity of such literature reports, it is not surprising that guidelines for the optimal management of some of these emboli are neither clear cut, nor universally accepted. We report the second case of retrograde venous bullet embolism to the right renal vein following a gunshot injury to the right chest and the surgical solution.

Author Biographies

T Pillay, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Department of Surgery, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

L Allopi, King Edward VII Hospital

King Edward VII Hospital, South Africa

H A Tariq, Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital

Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital, South Africa

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Pillay, T., Allopi, L., & Tariq, H. (2020). Retrograde venous bullet embolism into renal vein. South African Journal of Surgery, 58(3), 165. Retrieved from
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